Freedom EVO® for colony picking by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan
The Freedom EVO offers fully automated cloning workflows using an integrated Pickolo™ colony-picker from SciRobotics. Upstream – for example, incubation – and downstream – PCR or DNA sequencing – applications can also be incorporated onto the workstation.

Freedom EVO<sup>®</sup> for colony picking by Tecan product image
Freedom EVO® for colony picking
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The Pickolo colony-picker is designed specifically for the Freedom EVO platform.

It can be easily added to an existing workstation, and moved on and off of the worktable by the user to ensure flexibility for other applications. Its software seamlessly integrates with Freedom EVOware®, ensuring it does not interfere with other applications. Up to 800 colonies can be picked per hour, with flexible colony selection – for example, by color or size – as well as a teach-by-selection feature for easy creation of colony picking profiles. For maximum versatility, Petri dishes and SBS-format microplates can be accommodated.