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Prescreen conditions for LCP crystal growth

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FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching) measures membrane protein mobility in lipids. The system utilizes an automated high throughput LCP-FRAP assay to prescreen membrane protein crystallization conditions. 
FRAP was developed in collaboration with Vadim Cherezov (TSRI) and the JCIMPT center led by Ray Stevens and supported by the NIH Common Fund in Structural Biology. 
  • Fast - Determine membrane protein mobility in lipids. High protein mobility and fast diffusion rates correlate well with crystallization conditions. Protein mobile fraction measurement of 96 wells in 45-50 minutes. 
  • Integrated - FRAP is part of the Rock Imager/Rock Maker integrated system, and is available as an upgrade to the Rock Imager 1000 or as a standalone 2-plate system. 
  • Easy - Identify positive wells by glancing at thumbnails and color coded numerical results.


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FRAP by FORMULATRIX®, Inc. product image