FluidX™ FrostX2 by Brooks Life Sciences

FluidX FrostX2 is designed to quickly remove ice and frost from SBS-format racks of frozen sample tubes, to ensure complete readability of 2D datamatrix codes in cold-storage environments

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FluidX™ FrostX2
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  • Sample thawing is not necessary for accurate barcode reading and the FrostX² de-icing process takes 10 to 15 seconds whilst your sample remains frozen
  • Failure to remove frost from a 2D-coded sample tube prior to reading can lead to serious errors
  • Delays in decoding can result from frosting, and tubes can become completely unreadable if more than 30% of the barcode is frosted
  • FrostX² is a compact and lightweight unit, producing effective defrosting with any type of tube that can be stored in an SBS-format rack
  • The unit generates a high-pressure air blade, which removes the frost from the bottom of the tubes in a controlled and homogeneous way
  • Can be used to defrost any 2D datamatrix coded tubes in SBS-format racks from all manufacturers
  • 24, 48, 96, 240 and 384-format racks are all accommodated
  • PCR tubes, e.g. the 4titude Random Access 96 Well Skirted Flat Bottom PCR Plate, 2D Coded, are also supported
  • Defrosting platform has a level, stable and dry surface to aid rapid defrosting
  • Complete defrosting without applying heat, sample remains frozen
  • Sensor confirms when SBS rack is correctly inserted for defrosting
  • No direct heat is applied to the sample tubes, minimizing the risk of sample damage
  • Number of air blade cycles, pressure of air flow and the speed that the air blade moves across the rack can be varied to optimize defrosting performance for each rack
  • User-defined settings can be called up depending on rack type
  • Defrosting process typically takes 10 to 15 seconds whilst the sample remains frozen

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