Excel Chemistry Analyzer by EKF Diagnostics

Manufacturer EKF Diagnostics
A semi-automated chemistry analyzer

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Excel Analyzer
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Excel™ is a semi-automated photometer designed for use in small laboratories that require affordable sample testing.
The Excel is controlled by a microprocessor and samples are read using a flowcell module to ensure reagent consumption is optimised. It features an 18-position incubator and a PC-style keyboard is also included.
The analyzer is equipped to handle endpoint, kinetic and EIA assays. The open system format accommodates 120 programs and, for added convenience, all routine Stanbio chemistries are pre-programmed.
Excel completes all the necessary calculations and displays patient results in a user defined format. Printed results eliminate manual calculations and provide hard-copy patient records. 
 Easy to follow instructions are displayed on the screen for each test within two minutes. Additional technical support provided through a detailed operating manual.
Interferences are eliminated through the use of a bichromatic optical system, which negate interferences caused by sample or cuvette quality.
The EKF Diagnostics Excel provides the choice of multiple calculation modes. Choose from single point calibration by standard or factor, uptake, multi-point calibration with point-to-point curve fit, rate by standard or factor (batch or single) and sample blanking.

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