EVOS M5000 Imaging System by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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EVOS M5000 Imaging System

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The EVOS M5000 Imaging System is a fully integrated digital inverted microscope for four-color fluorescence, transmitted-light and color applications. With an interface designed for usability, an advanced, yet flexible, illumination light system, sophisticated autofocus mechanism and high-resolution CMOS camera and time-lapse capabilities, you can acquire publication-quality images in minutes. The proprietary LED light cube and color imaging technologies allow capture of quantitative fluorescent and color samples, such as H&E-stained tissue slices, and make the EVOS M5000 system an exceptionally versatile microscope and ideal for a broad range of imaging applications.

The EVOS M5000 Imaging System offers you these important advantages:

  • Easy installation; no maintenance, assembly, alignment, or calibration
  • User defined four-color fluorescence, transmitted light and color applications
  • Autofocus, Z-stack capability, time-lapse imaging and single-click multi-channel capture
  • On-board software for fast acquisition and analysis, including confluency measurements and automated cell counting
  • Access to Thermo Fisher Cloud imaging app