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The EUROArray HPV is a multiplex PCR-based test providing detection and typing of 30 HPV types in one reaction. The detection is based on the E6/E7 oncogenes, ensuring the highest sensitivity also after integration of the viral DNA into the host DNA. The test fulfills the Meijer performance criteria for cervical cancer screening. Complete HPV typing enables determination of the individual cancer risk and thus improved patient management.

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• Compliant with international criteria for HPV screening and independent validation 

• Detection of all 30 relevant anogenital HPV types in one reaction 

• Full typing of the 18 high-risk and 12 low-risk HPV

• Highest sensitivity during each stage of the viral life cycle due to detection based on viral oncogenes E6 and E7

• Reliable identification of persistent infections and multiple infections 

• Simple test performance with ready-to-use reagents

• High result security due to various integrated controls

• Fully automated, standardised evaluation using the EUROArrayScan system

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EUROArray HPV by EUROIMMUN product image


Manufacturer EUROIMMUN  |  Available Worldwide

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