ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation by ePrep

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ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation
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The ePrep suite of innovative technologies brings affordable robotic sample preparation to every laboratory. Rapid programming and simple instrument setup that allows even complex Workflows to be configured in minutes. The ePrep’s standalone operation also improves flexibility and effectiveness in a laboratory setting.

Sample Preparation techniques constitute a high portion of analytical cost, with basic liquid handling making up the bulk. Sample preparation techniques have not kept up with the efficiency of modern analytical equipment and are the major source of analysis errors and cost. Despite this, most Analytical Chemistry Laboratories are reluctant to automate due to high cost and complexity of traditional sample preparation automation.

The desktop instrument allows robotic sample preparation anything between 5 or 500 samples, achieves effortless accuracy and consistent results.  It targets Environmental, Clinical, Food, Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Forensics markets against alternative technologies and competitors.   

Eprep’s total offering addresses the specific needs and problems with sample preparation for most analytical chromatography laboratories. ePrep has been designed specifically to bring sample preparation to every laboratory:

  • Simplicity of Workflow software
  • Task to match common laboratory procedures
  • Rotating foot allowing a tool pickup and task functions
  • Simple, flexible and comprehensive operation
  • Range of syringes, accessories and tools to extend capabilities
  • Standards compliance
  • Easy to setup, maintain and service.

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ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation by ePrep product image

ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation

Manufacturer ePrep  |  Available Worldwide

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