ENC‑500 Anti-Contamination Enclosure by Teledyne CETAC

Manufacturer Teledyne CETAC  |   Model: ENC-500  |  Available Worldwide
It's all about protection.

ENC‑500 Anti-Contamination Enclosure by Teledyne CETAC product image
ENC‑500 Anti-Contamination Enclosure
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The ENC-500 Enclosure protects samples from environmental dust and impurities, mantaining sample integrity and ensuring reliable results. It vents noxious and corrosive gases away from the work environment protecting personnel and equipment. The ENC-500 protects the bottom line.

The ENC-500 is constructed of durable 3/8" acrylic with corrosion and acid resistant bonds, hinges and seals for a 360° view of samples and autosampler at all times. It can be used simply as a cover or ducted to provide a clean environment for the samples. Four pass-throughs allow connection to the ICP or other instrumentation from any angle. It also provides convenient access to samples and autosampler with a large front door and rear access to autosampler controls, lines and cables.

Several options for the ENC-500 are available, including:

  • Reversible HEPA filter and positive pressure fan
  • Variable vent diameters (4", 5" or 6")
  • Legs to raise the enclosure and reclaim bench space (Store standards, reagents, or use with other equipment)
  • Larger ENC-500+ model provides additional space inside the enclosure
  • Discounts on combined options