Echo® 655T Liquid Handler by Labcyte Inc.

Manufacturer Labcyte Inc.
For Ultra-High Throughput Screening

Echo® 655T Liquid Handler by Labcyte Inc. product image
Echo® 655T Liquid Handler

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The New Sound of Sample Management

Due to their outstanding throughput, high transfer accuracy and precision down to nanoliter volumes and any-well to any-well transfer capabilities, Echo® Liquid Handlers have long been integral to state-of-art sample management and high throughput screening solutions.

Offering these same benefits, the Echo 655T Liquid Handler now supports sample transfer directly from Echo® Qualified sample tubes enabling a fully non-contact dispensing workflow from sample storage all the way to assay ready plates. Capable of transferring as little as 2.5 nL from 384-well and 1536-well microplates and now acoustic tubes arrayed in a 96-tube format, the Echo 655T Liquid Handler is ready to meet the needs of a wide variety of biochemical and cellular assays.

Key Benefits

  • Fastest dispense rate from an acoustic sample tube
  • Simplified compound library screening through direct transfer from acoustic sample tubes
  • Elimination of compound lose due to adhesion to or contamination from tip plastic through non-contact transfer
  • Minimized DMSO hydration through environment controlled Echo® Plate Zone
  • Supports 384-well and 1536-well microplates in addition to new acoustic sample tube