DS-11 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer by DeNovix

Manufacturer DeNovix  |  Available Worldwide
The original innovators of 1µL UV-Vis Spectrophotometers set a new standard - The DeNovix DS-11.

DS-11 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer by DeNovix product image
Denovix DS-11 in Fire Red

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The DeNovix DS-11 takes UV-Vis spectrophotometry to the next level. Its compact, stand-alone design incorporates unique solutions that address all of the common sources of error and frustration found in first generation microvolume spectrophotometers. The DS-11 is technologically superior and delivered in an interface so intuitive; you already know how to use it.

Confidence Built In: Combining two new breakthrough technologies, SmartPath® Technology and BridgeTesting® the DS-11 is Always Accurate, Always Precise and Always Calibrated. The proprietary algorithms and opto-mechanical components ensure sample columns are intact and that the pathlength is always calibrated. These are often undetected sources of error for other micro volume spectrophotometers.

Simple, Fast and Connected: How do you need your data? Saved to your network drive? Printed in a table? Need the UV/Vis spectra overlaid? Need a label for the tube? No problem. Our stunning custom Android™ operating system with EasyApps® software gives you WI-FI, Ethernet, USB and all the options you need to get your data just where you need it. Pre-installed software with dedicated apps for each applications means it’s ready to run right out of the box and our easy to navigate, fast to operate software gets you from sample to data in seconds.


Key Features:

  • Full spectrum UV-Vis analysis (190-840 nm)
  • Stand alone system with full Ethernet, WiFi and USB connectivity – no separate PC or software installation is required
  • SmartPath® Technology: ensures optimum pathlength for each sample.
  • Fast workflow: AutoRun function for hands-free operation and just 4 seconds per measurement.
  • Brilliant 7” Hi-Definition, glove-compatible touchscreen
  • Android™ operating system featuring intuitive DeNovix EasyApps® software
  • BridgeTesting® for outstanding reliability - even with proteins
  • SmartQC Sample Contamination Guidance
  • Measure 0.5 to 1 µL samples
  • Microvolume detection limit 0.75 ng/ul µL dsDNA or 0.04 mg/ml BSA
  • Ultra high absorbance - up to 37,500 ng/ul µL dsDNA or 1125 mg/ml BSA
  • Colors: Arctic White, Brazilian Blue, Tungsten Silver, Fire Red
  • Small footprint - only 20 x 33 cm
  • Two models: microvolume only (DS-11) and microvolume plus cuvette (DS-11+)


  • DNA, RNA, ssDNA quantification with purity measurements (260/280 and 260/230 ratios). Separate preconfigured apps for optimized workflow.
  • Purified protein (A280) up to 1125 mg/ml BSA
  • Peptide analysis (A205/215)
  • Preconfigured dyes for fluorescent dye labeled nucleic acids microarray samples (+ ability to customize)
  • Quantitation of fluorescent dye labeled proteins.
  • Bradford, BCA, Lowry, Pierce 600nm Assays for protein quantification
  • Cell density measurements A600
  • Kinetics – temperature controlled, cuvette-based full spectrum analysis (DS-11+ only)
  • Custom method editor – create and save new methods, standard curves and formulas.

Product Overview

DS-11 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer by DeNovix product image

DS-11 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Manufacturer DeNovix  |  Available Worldwide

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