Dip and Read by Sartorius Group

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Label-free, microfludics-free, hassle-free.

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Dip and Read
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Octet® biosensors are compatible with all Octet instruments (whether using 96- or 384-well plates). The biosensors simplify quantitation and kinetics assays by eliminating throughput limitations caused by microfluidic flow, surface regeneration, and sample purification. All biosensors are coated with a proprietary biocompatible matrix that is uniform and non-denaturing with minimal non-specific binding. The tips are derivatized and ready for use in a diverse set of biomolecular applications. Biosensors can also be customized for unique applications. Multiple layers can be bound and detected, opening a vast array of approaches to detecting and characterizing biological interactions. Each type of Octet biosensor is designed to analyze specific biomolecular interactions. A range of surface chemistries is available.