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When screening matters, Get fast, non-stop, highly sensitive hit screening with Dianthus.

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  • Member since: 2020

  • Organization: Institue of Materia Medica Chinese Academy of Medical Science

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
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Speed up your drug discovery process at a low cost!
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Drug Screenings

"Dianthus is an effective tool for lead discovery, we use it for small molecular screening. It only need 20 uL of sample and 30 minutes to screen 384 samples. The use of multi-well plates saves a lot of money for our lab, making this a quick, simple and cost effective instrument for lead discovery."

Review date: 10 Feb 2020 | Dianthus

Dianthus removes the complexity of binding interaction measurements for drug discovery screening. Get the fastest time to meaningful results with no immobilization required, because you demand it.

  • Find hits for any target type in any buffer or bioliquid
  • Consume the smallest amount of your target and library compounds
  • Measure the tightest interactions down to picomolar Kds

Tackle many projects, not just a few

Explore every target, even the most challenging ones

There’s no end to the projects you can do. Study targets of any size or mass — from ions to multimeric proteins — and type — proteins, nucleic acids, saccharides, and more.

Evaluate any sample type in any buffer

Dianthus isn’t picky. Feel free to prep your target in the buffer that ensures its stability and integrity. Even use lysates or bioliquids without diluting them.

Measure affinities with the highest sensitivity

Whether strong or weak, Dianthus detects a wide range of binding affinities — picomolar to millimolar — so you don’t have to use other methods.

Characterize in solution, no immobilization required

Analyzing interactions in close-to-native conditions is ideal. Dianthus characterizes in solution, so interfering with your target’s binding site or spending on expensive immobilizing chemistries isn’t an issue.

Consume small amounts of target and compounds

Every little bit counts. Saving on costly sample and library compounds means you can do more screening or use them in other projects.

Get meaningful results faster at any throughput

Dianthus swiftly analyzes 384 data points in 30 minutes and has flexible throughput. Choose to run one sample or as many as you want.

With Dianthus, there’s no fluidics. That means regular maintenance is not required which means there’s no downtime which means you can use it 24/7 whenever you want. Since Dianthus uses a 384-well microplate format, it’s compatible with many automation solutions and easily fits into your current workflow for even more hands-free time.

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5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews