CuveT by Mettler-Toledo GmbH

Manufacturer Mettler-Toledo GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
CuveT is a Peltier based, single cuvette thermostat accessory optimized to save benchtop space without compromising heating and cooling capabilities. The thermostat unit fits neatly on top of the UV/VIS Excellence instrument and can be controlled with the terminal or the LabX UV/VIS software. 

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CuveT: Compact, Fast and Safe
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Compact Design 
Benchtop space is optimized thanks to the compact design of CuveT’s control and thermostat unit. The single cell cuvette thermostat unit is simply placed on top of the UV/VIS Excellence instruments; no tools are required for installation.

High temperature accuracy 
CuveT thermostats samples within a temperature range of 4 to 95 °C in 10 mm cuvettes. The double sensor setup ensures highly accurate temperature measurement during thermostating. As one of the temperature sensor measures in the cuvette, real sample temperature conditions for accurate UV/VIS measure¬ments are provided.

Fast measurements 
Regulate stirring speed in 10 mm cuvettes up to a maximum of 1800 rpm. This avoids thermal gradients in the sample and allows reagent mixing. Thanks to the homogenization of the temperature profile, the desired temperature is quickly achieved.

Secure operation 
The liquid-free setup guarantees robust operational security at low maintenance costs. CuveT’s smart temperature control efficiently prevents sample over-heating without compromising speed and accuracy. The thermostating process is fully automated by method control.

Relevant applications: 

  • Life science 

Product Overview

CuveT by Mettler-Toledo GmbH product image


Manufacturer Mettler-Toledo GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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