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Screening System

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The IKA Screening System is perfectly suited for constant current electrosynthesis in “multibatch” mode. The package with 6 divided batch cells enables you to quickly carry out research on multiple electroconversions at the same time. In addition, you can combine the system with other equipment in the laboratory. 

Six divided cells can be operated in parallel within the Screening System, if double cells are used. These divided reaction cells consist of a reaction block, which requires separate electrode compartments. These are connected by a glass frit. Thus, an electrochemical reaction takes place, but the reaction liquids remain separate. That prevents the mixture of oxidized and reduced liquid. This is of particular interest if the product formed is not stable towards the counter electrode. 

  •  Up to 6 divided cells can be operated simultaneously and individually
  •  Synthesize sufficient quantities for GC, LC or NMR analysis processes
  •  Separate control and pre-set for each cell
  •  Easy testing of identical or differing electrolysis runs
  •  Fast identification of ideal process parameters
  •  Digital recording of test parameters
  •  Simultaneous mixing and heating
  •  Full temperature control (PT 1000) using heat block
  •  Control and automation via Labworldsoft 6.0
  •  Time and resources savings


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Custom Solutions by IKA product image

Custom Solutions

Manufacturer IKA

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