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The World's Fastest and Most Accurate Cell Counter

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Corning® Cell Counter
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  • Application Area: Cell culture

"Counting cells is among the apparently simplest of activities, but not to be underestimated. Combining a traditional counting chamber approach with high quality image analysis achieves great simplicity and convenience. Time trusted analytical methods provide control and confidence in the sample, whilst accurate image analysis is combined with pragmatic data handling to speed up what can often be a laborious process. Highly recommended."

Review date: 20 Dec 2018 | Corning® Cell Counter

The new Corning® Cell Counter is the first automated benchtop cell counter that combines the benefits of both manual cell counting and automated image-based cell counting. Using state-of-the-art optics and image analysis software, the Corning Cell Counter can accurately and precisely measure cell concentrations and viability – live, dead, and total cells – using the standard Trypan Blue technique. Unique benefits include:

  • Fast – Performs a single cell count in less than three seconds using the CytoSMART™ Cloud App.
  • Accurate – The state-of-the-art image analysis software allows for optimal accuracy (the system can also detect cell viability using Trypan Blue)
  • Low-cost – Works with common re-usable glass hemocytometers. No consumables required.
  • Easy to Use – Simply connect the Cell Counter to your computer or tablet and start the CytoSMART Cloud App.
  • Quick access to the data anywhere and anytime – Instantly generates a report containing the counted cell concentrations and viability including an image of the counted sample with the counted cells (live and dead) clearly indicated.

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Corning<sup>®</sup> Cell Counter by Corning Life Sciences product image

Corning® Cell Counter

Manufacturer Corning Life Sciences

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews