Comprehensive Viral Research Panel by Twist Bioscience

Manufacturer Twist Bioscience  |  Available Worldwide

The Twist Comprehensive Viral Research Panel covers reference sequences for 3,153 viruses, including 15,488 different strains.

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Comprehensive Viral Research Panel

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  • Screen for over 3,150 viral human pathogens in a single sample.
  • Sequences compiled from RefSeq; known to affect humans
  • Increase accuracy and sensitivity of detection NGS-based quality control of the probe library ensures high uniformity
  • High capture efficiency for sensitive, specific NGS-based identification
  • Circumvents the problem of low levels of virus within high levels of host genetic material
  • Save time and money, eliminates the need for costly, timeconsuming PCR-based amplification or transcriptome-based sequencing approaches
  • Expedites diagnosis and simplifies tracking of emerging viral infections