Clinical Centrifuge by Accumax

Manufacturer Accumax  |  Available Worldwide
For a superior user-experience, try our versatile and consistent performer with best-in-class features

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6X10 ml swing out rotor

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Shaped by extensive R&D into users’ requirements and feedback, iFuge C4000 comes equipped with top-of-the-line components and features for a superior user-experience. With multiple rotor options, iFuge C4000 can accommodate a wide-range of sample sizes which makes it extremely versatile. Considering the shortage of space in laboratories, the device is also designed with a compact footprint to occupy less space relative to its functionality. Class-leading features like the favorite mode allows the user to set upto 99 user-defined programs for unprecedented convenience and ease-of-use. 

- Unique 6 tube rotor design 

- Maintenance free, long life BLDC Motor

- Variable speed selection from 500 to 4000 RPM 

- Timer setting from 1 to 999 mins

- Smart airflow design ensures chamber temperature rise is under control

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Clinical Centrifuge by Accumax product image

Clinical Centrifuge

Manufacturer Accumax  |  Available Worldwide

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