CleanShot Fast Washout Switch for Laser Ablation Systems by Teledyne CETAC

Manufacturer Teledyne CETAC  |   Model: CleanShot  |  Available Worldwide
Cleans laser ablation extraction line all the way to the torch.

CleanShot Fast Washout Switch for Laser Ablation Systems by Teledyne CETAC product image
CleanShot Fast Washout Switch for Laser Ablation Systems

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The CleanShot Fast Washout Switch eliminates unnecessary extraction tubing, solenoids and fittings from the laser ablation sample cell to the ICPS torch that reduce aerosol transport efficiency and speed.

Aerosol transport losses are a known contributor to fractionation caused in large part by surface area as a function of tube length and tube ID, circuitous paths that particles travel and transitions caused by fittings. Each of these factors keep analyte from reaching the torch. With CleanShot, the sample passes straight through only one valve before being ionized.

CleanShot is designed for use with Teledyne CETAC and Teledyne Photon Machines laser ablations systems and is located at the torch for optimal performance to minimize losses and yield better data.

  • A direct line from the sample cell to the CleanShot ensures the shortest, straightest path to the torch
  • Delivers faster washout, stronger signals, improved fractionation and a clean extraction line
  • It is the only device that purges and/or evacuates the entire extraction line to eliminate memory effects
  • Fully automated control via the industry-leading Chromium laser ablation software platform
  • Preferred by zircon researches worldwide where signal strength is essential
  • A CleanShot from sample cell to the torch