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Calpro, a Svar subsidiary, produced the first ever commercial kits available for measuring Calprotectin and thus established cut-offs and standards all subsequent tests would follow. The portfolio covers a wide range of assay platforms, with ELISA, PETIA (Turbidiemtric assay), and rapid Point-of-Care (PoC) and self-test for remote monitoring of IBD patients. Calpro also carries RUO ELIS for other bodily fluids. The CalproSmart rapid test is also available as RUO product.

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Calprotectin Product Portfolio
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Calpro is a world-leading provider of Calprotectin tests with the aim to provide solutions that are effective and user-friendly, without compromising on the quality of the products. Calprotectin is an inflammatory biomarker that is significantly increased during inflammations and bacterial/fungal infections. It was first isolated in early 1980's, and in 1990's Calpro was established by those involved in the initial discovery and characterization. It was early adopted by the gastroenterologists; however, much research has been done on its application in other acute and chronic conditions. In Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), it is being used as part of the differential diagnosis as well as repsonse to treatment and proactive monitoring. 

Calpro's portfolio has many aspects, and includes the laboratory tests based on ELISA and PETIA (turbidimetric assay) technology, sample collection and extraction devices for home and laboratory use, and rapid lateral flow assay for point-of-care (PoC) or self-test/home monitoring. The turbidimetric assay (CalproGold) is the latest addition to the portfolio, and can be added onto open source analyzers. CalproLab, the ELISA assay, is available as IVD and RUO product, where the former is intended for IBD and the latter can be used for any bodily fluid one would like to test for calprotectin. The EasyExtract sample collection and extraction device is can be used with both the ELISA and PETIA assay, and the added benefit is that patients can even do the sample collection at home, as the sample extract is stable for several days at room temperature. The CalproSmart solution - the rapid test can be used as PoC and self-test, and is also available as IVD and RUO. The CalproSmart solution is also easily integrated with other Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) apps that aim to capture the patients symptoms through questionnaires and forms. 

Product portfolio: 

  • CalproLab ELISA ALP (CALP0170)
  • CalproLab ELISA HRP (CALP0270)
  • CalproLab ELISA RUO ALP (CALP0170RUO)
  • EasyExtract (CAL0510)
  • CalproSmart Self-test (CAL201/202/230/240/250)
  • CalproSmart Office (CAL220)
  • CalproGold (Product code for individual components)