Biotage® Horizon SmartPrep by Biotage

Manufacturer Biotage  |  Available Worldwide
Previously known as SmartPrep® Cartridge-Based SPE Extractor II  

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SmartPrep ® – Cartridge-Based Extractor II

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The Biotage® SmartPrep is a rugged system designed for simple automation of manual solid phase extraction (SPE) methods. Just like manual SPE, up to 12 samples per SmartPrep system can be run. Through the use of a built-in touch screen or a separate computer, the same method or a variety of custom methods can be executed for each of the 12 samples.

The SmartPrep Software offers an easy and intuitive interface specifically designed to streamline the manual SPE process for 1, 3, and 6-mL cartridges. No specialized training or expertise is needed to run samples. Any technician level from novice to expert can quickly get started with SPE sample processing. SmartPrep software icons graphically confirm each SPE step and allow for multiple SPE methods to be processed on the same extraction system in compliance with your developed methods or with regulatory methods (i.e., EPA, FDA, USDA, AOAC and ISO).


  • Controlled positive pressure sample and solvent flow rates for the best recoveries and precision
  • Use virtually any standard, commercially available, tabbed and tab-less 1, 3, or 6-mL cartridge
  • Up to four fractions per sample can be collected or discarded
  • Modular and scalable to match your laboratory workload Small footprint provides economical use of laboratory space
  • A variety of solvents in any ratio can be mixed in-line for true SPE optimization
  • User status indicators
  • Color-coded sample and fraction tracking tubes
  • Solvent volume status and calculator
  • Waste volume calculator for organic and chlorinated solvents
  • Time per sample and elapsed time clocks
  • Graphical SPE step indicator icons
  • Samples from one milliliter to one liter can be easily accommodated
  • Automated filtering, concentration, clean-up, and buffer exchange
  • Automated sample dilution prior to SPE
  • Accomodates a bar-code reader
  • Generates reports in pdf, csv or txt format

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Biotage<sup>®</sup> Horizon SmartPrep by Biotage product image

Biotage® Horizon SmartPrep

Manufacturer Biotage  |  Available Worldwide

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