BioPharma Compass 3.0 by Bruker Daltonics

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Accelerate Biopharmaceutical Analysis

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BioPharma Compass 3.0
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BioPharma Compass 3.0 enables the routine analysis of biopharmaceuticals offering dedicated LC and MS workflows from automated measurements to report generation. MS assays that are playing an increasingly important role in biopharmaceutical development - such as verification of protein sequences and quantification of product and process related heterogeneities - are optimized to reduce the samples-to-report time. 

These measurements can be carried out at the intact, domain (subunits) or peptide level using MS only or MS/MS for top-down and bottom-up analysis. Both high resolution ESI-QTOF and MALDI-TOF data can be employed for these analyses. Dedicated similarity scores are the basis for an automatic result assessment, and reports utilize color coding of results and charts for rapid reviewing. Butterfly plots enable visual dataset comparisons.

Taking full advantage of the benefits of Bruker’s ultra-high resolution QTOF, the maXis II, and the market-leading MALDI-TOF/TOF platforms, BioPharma Compass 3.0 further extends Bruker’s expertise in biopharmaceutical characterization. It provides users with customizable workflows for common biopharmaceutical applications. This powerful suite of tools automates the processes of acquiring, analyzing and reporting data. Laboratories under 21 CFR Part 11 compliance will benefit from the regulatory options, including leading data security features.

BioPharma Compass 3.0 is a wizard-driven workflow based platform, suitable for mass spectrometry experts and routine users alike. Methods developed in a non-regulated environment can be locked-down for routine deployment. The customizable workspace adapts to the task at hand, including system status monitoring, method development, and data review, all from the comfort of your office PC.

Intact Protein Analysis: Glycoforms and Heterogeneity Screening

The ultra-high resolution data from Bruker’s maXis II UHR QTOF are uniquely beneficial to the identification of low level protein isoforms in mAb characterization. With Bruker's patented SNAP algorithm and True Isotopic Pattern (TIPTM) calculation, the automatic assignment of molecular formulae of monoisotopic masses up to 50 kDa with sub-ppm precision is possible. The cosine similarity score, which provides an automated quality assessment, simplifies batch comparison. The new butterfly plot allows the direct visual comparison of datasets.

Top-down Protein Sequencing: Sequence Variant Localization

Bruker's market-leading MALDI-TOF/TOF and QTOF-ESI-ETD high resolution platforms provide rapid middle-down and middle-up protein analysis. The resulting data provide automatic sequence confirmation and localization of sequence variants, mis-incorporations, or other quality attributes.

Peptide Level Analysis for Sequence Confirmation and Attribute Identification/Monitoring

BioPharma Compass 3.0 simplifies viewing and reporting peptide mapping results. Clear overview and detailed validation screens are available for high quality sequence confirmation and modifications identification. Results can be used for comparability assessments, quality attribute monitoring and quantification (using MS or optical chromatograms).