Automated Reaction Sampling by Mettler-Toledo International Inc.

Manufacturer Mettler-Toledo International Inc.  |  Available Worldwide
Fully Automated Sampling, Including Sample Capture, Quench at Reaction Conditions, Dilution and Dispensing Into a Vial

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Automated Reaction Sampling
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The unique, patented EasySampler probe enables the capture and immediate quenching of reaction samples.  Immediate sample quenching provides a sample representative of the reaction at the time of sampling.  In particular, this is advantageous for monitoring:
  • Low Temp Reactions
  • Air-Sensitive Reactions

At the touch of a button, samples are taken, quenched, diluted to a user-specified concentration and transferred to vials, ready for offline analysis. For unattended reaction sampling, a sample sequence can be programmed for continued sampling operations, day and overnight.

Sampling reactions with precision is challenging, especially for slurry reactions. EasySampler captures reaction samples, including the solids, into a pocket of fixed volume. Solids dissolution begins immediately, with the quench and dilution steps, delivering a dissolved sample to gain precise and accurate analytical data.