ASX‑7100 Autosampler by Teledyne CETAC

Manufacturer Teledyne CETAC  |   Model: ASX-7100  |  Available Worldwide
A highly adaptable autosampler platform capable of high precision and difficult operations

ASX‑7100 Autosampler by Teledyne CETAC product image
ASX‑7100 Autosampler

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The ASX-7000 OEM autosampler was developed to handle the specific requirements of OEM customers needing robust, high-precision automation.

The autosamplers of the ASX-7000 platform provide the accuracy needed to operate with 384 micro-titer wells and are able to perform difficult operations such as septum piercing and pick and place operations.


  • Syringe Pumps: Accommodates up to 4 syringe pumps with a wide range of syringes available. User programmable, pump speed settings available.
  • Temperature Control: Cooling/heating option allows computer controlled temperature control from 5°C to 40°C.
  • Heated Lines: Heated sample probe and sample lines to increase sample flow in more viscous samples, up to 65°C.
  • Septum Piercing: Single and multiple septum piercing available.
  • Fraction Collection: Fraction collection and autosampling in one platform. Combining two techniques to reduce bench space required.
  • Pick-n-Place: Precisely deliver racks and/or vials to user defined locations.
  • Sample Probes: Glass lined stainless steel, polymer encapsulated carbon fiber.

Product Overview

ASX‑7100 Autosampler by Teledyne CETAC product image

ASX‑7100 Autosampler

Manufacturer Teledyne CETAC  |  Available Worldwide

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