apricot A4 by SPT Labtech

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide
Combining Multi-Channel Pipettor + 1-4 Channel Dispenser. Fully automated multi-channel spanning pipettor.

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apricot A4
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This high-performance, automated multi-channel pipettor minimizes repetitive tasks and streamlines ‘tube to plate’ workflows. Intuitive software enables precise control of tip positioning for transferring samples to a range of labware. With four spanning pipetting channels and fully automated tip loading the apricot A4 provides the flexibility for a wide variety of tasks, and is compatible with multiple tube types.  The A4 combines non-contact liquid level sensing, high-throughput sample processing, and tube to tube, tube to plate, plate to plate transfer in one compact instrument. 


Features and benefits of the apricot A4 

  • High-performance automated multi-channel pipettor 
  • Minimize repetitive tasks, eliminate manual pipetting errors 
  • Transfer a variety of 96 sample tubes or 5 (96-well) microplates 
  • Programmable serial dilution by column (8, 16) 
  • Integration-friendly and software API readily available 
  • Can be used with plate stacker, robotic arm, heater/shaker, cooling blocks, tip wash pump 
  • Sample identification/management via barcode scanning – GLP traceability 
  • Small footprint maximizes bench space – able to fit in most suitable hoods 


  • Tube to tube, tube to plate and plate to plate reformatting using 1 to 4 tips 
  • Serial dilution by column (8, 16) 
  • Master Mix distribution via EP Tubes to PCR strips/tubes 
  • Cherry picking application 
  • DNA Normalization 
  • Bulk reagent dispensing 

Product Overview

apricot A4 by SPT Labtech product image

apricot A4

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide

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