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Manufacturer Biostatus Limited  |   Model: AP10100  |  Available Worldwide
A novel cellular probe that can enter both INTACT and compromised cells.

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APOPTRAK™ is a chemical derivative of DRAQ5™. It is a novel cellular probe that can enter both intact and compromised cells, differentially revealing the relative integrity of an individual cell membrane. APOPTRAK™ is a useful probe for use in apoptosis assays.


APOPTRAK™ enters LIVE cells slowly and leaky (apoptotic) cells rapidly, to give a signal intensity difference of between 5- and 10-fold, depending on the cell type and treatment. This allows a positive discrimination between these two populations. APOPTRAK™ benefits from all the advantageous ""far-red"" spectral properties of its parent, but differs significantly in its rate of entry into LIVE cells.

Key benefits include:-

  • Different rate of entry into LIVE and apoptotic cells, allowing positive discrimination by flow cytometry
  • Easy to use - no lyse, no wash, no RNase needed
  • Ideal for use with GFP & FITC labels - APOPTRAK™ fluoresces in the far-red region

Published data (Wiltshire et al, Cytometry 2000) suggests an ability of APOPTRAK™ to discriminate early and late apoptotic cells when used in combination with Annexin V.

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Manufacturer Biostatus Limited  |  Available Worldwide

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