Andromeda by NanoTemper Technologies

Quickly screen for optimal expression levels and thermal stability of your toughest membrane proteins

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Poor expression levels, solubilization, and stability are well-known challenges in the production of recombinant membrane proteins. Selecting the best expression conditions typically focuses only on expression levels, while protein stability characterization is carried out separately, sometimes after protein purification.

Andromeda increases the efficiency of CROs and Biopharma protein production teams by optimizing expression conditions and offering knowledge of expression levels and thermal stability from a single assay before protein purification.

Screen more expression conditions faster in crude lysates

Routine workflows rely on more than one method to screen expression and extraction conditions — like SDS-PAGE and SEC or FSEC. Use Andromeda instead of these time-consuming and lower throughput methods. In a capillary format, analyze up to 48 crude lysates in just 11 minutes with little sample processing so you move on to scale-up and purification sooner.

Determine if your protein is highly expressed and properly folded in a single assay

To measure thermal stability, you either have to purify protein first or with crude lysates, you perform tedious, low throughput FSEC-TS. Andromeda easily identifies expression conditions that both yield sufficient and properly folded protein in crude lysates — because learning earlier if your protein is stable means not having to go back to screen more conditions.

Assess your protein’s binding activity by thermal shift assay before committing to purification

When producing a target protein for affinity screening studies, the expectation is you’ll deliver adequate amounts of structurally stable product. Andromeda quickly evaluates your protein’s thermal stability in the presence of ligands in crude lysates during small-scale expression.