UltraCrit Plus™ by EKF Diagnostics

Manufacturer EKF Diagnostics
Ultrasound technology for high-accuracy results hemoglobin and hematocrit results

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UltraCrit Plus™

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EKF Diagnostics UltraCrit Plus™ is a hematocrit analyzer delivering highly accurate measurements for blood donor screening and sports medicine.

In addition to providing a hematocrit measurement the UltraCrit Plus also provides a hemoglobin calculation.

UltraCrit Plus is a unique technology, developed in the USA. It is the first and only hematocrit/hemoglobin device to use ultrasound methodology.

Using the highly accurate ultrasound method means blood banks can be confident that they will minimize the number of false deferrals and false accepts.

UltraCrit Plus™ cuvettes use a 40 μl blood sample which is then inserted into the analyzer. Results are displayed within 30 seconds.


  • Highly accurate ultrasound technology
  • Reagent-free microcuvettes
  • Hematocrit and hemoglobin results
  • Results within 30 seconds