Thermo Scientific™ inSPIRE™ by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ inSPIRE™ - the world’s first collaborative system. Its unique SmartShelf™ concept provides at-a-glance instrument feedback and touch control for instrument access. Versatile and flexible by design, the inSPIRE’s modular components allow you to configure the right solution for your workflow.

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Thermo Scientific™ inSPIRE™
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  • Intuitive – Works well with humans
  • SmartHandle Touch Control enables easy instrument access. The SmartHandle’s color changes, combined with haptic feedback allow users to intuitively take control of an instrument by swinging out the SmartShelf
  • “At a glance” health status indication for each instrument
  • Powered by Thermo Scientific Momentum™ Workflow Software
  • Compact, vertical design
  • Flexible & configurable modular components 
  • Built around the Thermo Scientific Spinnaker™ collaborative robot with its 360 degree workspace and proven track record in the laboratory
  • Rapid onsite deployment 

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