96-well assay plates by Porvair Sciences Ltd

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These plates are designed to give optimum results from any instrument which reads from the top of the plate

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96-well assay plates
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High quality product
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Sample preparation for mass spectrometry

"High quality product and the material has not produced any undesired matrix effects in our mass spectrometry assay. For some assays we use glass inserts with the plates and so the plates can be reused making it environmentally friendly."

Review date: 06 Dec 2021 | 96-well assay plates
A comprehensive range of 96-well assay plates - ideal for routine adsorption, absorption, mixing and storage applications.

Manufactured from clear polystyrene or opaque polypropylene - Porvair's range of 96-well assay plates offer an unmatched combination of affordability and high quality. With a choice of three well types (flat, round and v-bottomed) and white, black, and black/white combination plate formats an optimised 96-well plate is available to suit almost any assay application.

Constructed in high-grade polystyrene the flat-bottomed 96-well assay plate family provide the ideal microplates for fluorescence, luminescence and scintillation measurements. White well plates provide maximum reflectivity optimising high sensitivity light emitting luminescence assays. Black well plates provide the all-absorbing background needed to minimise background interference and eliminate well-to-well cross talk permitting the highest performance fluorimetric assays. For cell growth applications tissue culture treated 96-well assay plates are also available.

Maintaining the footprint of a standard 96-well plate, all Porvair 96-well assay plates are fully compatible with almost all plate readers, robotic sample processors, & liquid handling systems. Porvair Sciences also offers a complete range of 384-well assay plates.

96-well assay plates Features:

  • Black plates designed for top reading fluorescence instruments
  • Black plates have low background fluorescence and minimise light scattering
  • White plates maximise signal for luminescence readers
  • Highly polished well to give better readings
  • Specially designed plate featuring a white well set in a black matrix to overcome the problem of a very high luminescence causing false positives
  • Working volumes of 350μl/well
  • Complies with the standard ANSI/SBS format
  • Alphanumerically labelled wells mean samples can be easily traced