4PCZ series - Creoptix™ WAVEchip by Creoptix AG

Manufacturer Creoptix AG  |   Model: 4PCZ  |  Available in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe
Robust microfluidics for a broader range of applications in label-free sensing

4PCZ series - Creoptix™ WAVEchip by Creoptix AG product image
Creoptix WAVEchips
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The Creoptix WAVEchips offer fast and synchronized sample injections and stability for long off-rates, paired with broad sample compatibility and user-friendly handling. With no-clog microfluidics and revolutionary sensor technology in one single disposable cartridge, the low fouling 4PCZ WAVEchips sensors are functionalized with a zwitterionic polymer bearing carboxylic acids and tertiary amines in similar densities. This sensor chip suited for immobilization through amine coupling. Ideal for coupling proteins with low isoelectric points or polyanionic ligands.


  • Flexibility: Explore any biomolecular interaction with a broad range of sensor surfaces.
  • Compatibility: Thanks to our no-clog microfluidics design, perform your experiments in physiologically relevant media (biofluids) and with crude samples.
  • Effectiveness: Exchange your WAVEchips to have fresh, clean microfluidics within minutes, without the need for special technical support.
  • Performance: Enjoy the fastest and most synchronized sample transitions thanks to our parallel flow channels.