4LAB™ Automated Low Volume Liquid Handling Station by 4titude Ltd

Manufacturer 4titude Ltd  |   Model: 4ti-2000
4titude's® 4LAB™ is an automated, high-precision pipetting system specifically designed for low-volume liquid handling. For acceptable PCR results, small volumes of reagents need to be dispensed accurately and consistently, which is tedious, time consuming and prone to human error.

4LAB™ Automated Low Volume Liquid Handling Station by 4titude Ltd product image
4LAB™ Automated Low Volume Liquid Handling Station

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4LAB™ is designed to replace manual PCR/qPCR sample preparation. Accuracy, precision and consistency are guaranteed, and reagent wastage is reduced. Unlike complex, multi-purpose robotic systems, our instrument was designed for the researcher without prior robotic experience.

Intuitive set up and programming will save your laboratory time and money straight away.


  • Easy and convenient to use: PC software can be mastered in an hour, with no technician required
  • Built-in set-up protocols can be quickly modified and transferred via USB memory stick
  • Single and 8-channel, 50 µl or 200 µl automated pipetting modules can be changed without tools
  • 4 interchangeable standard Microplate/tip rack adaptors and 2 interchangeable reagent vessel adaptors available
  • Tips are compatible with Beckman® Biomek® NX, FX & 3000
  • Each module is calibrated to ISO-8655 standards

This model is a 4-position workstation; it is also available as a 6-position workstation.