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Designed specifically for the demanding cleanroom environment, the Voice200infinity is the class-leading solution for real-time, high-sensitivity AMC analysis in cleanrooms. It analyzes the widest range of VOCs and inorganic compounds with low part-per-trillion by volume (pptV) detection limits. Infinity has the sensitivity and performance required for 24/7 monitoring of AMCs. 

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The instrument is a key component of my research


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Chemical exposue

The unit has 8 reaction chemistries for simultaneous analysis of multiple analytes. The system has the capability to resolve analytes with similar fragment ions. One key component of any system is the service team which is excellent.

Review Date: 8 May 2024 | Syft Technologies

Voice200infinity Benefits to Fab Environments:

  • Real-time air analysis to very low part-per-trillion by volume (pptV)
  • Instantaneous quantitation of VOCs and inorganic gases using a fully integrated, extensive chemical ionization library with >1,500 compounds
  • Designed and engineered for use in 24/7 semiconductor manufacturing environments
  • Single analysis of diverse VOCs and inorganic gases (including acid gases)
  • Easy integration and operation
  • Customer Support offices are located in key regions of Semiconductor manufacturing that offer 24/7 support

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