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TurboCHO™ Made in Singapore (Upgraded to 2.0 version starting at 8BDs)

GenScriptAvailable: Worldwide

From Gene Synthesis to Protein Delivery as Fast as 8 Business Days

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Our cutting-edge facility in Singapore features a high-throughput platform and GenScript’s proprietary protein production technology, providing: 1) One-stop solution from gene synthesis to antibody delivery as fast as 8 business days; 2) A “Zero” mistake production process guarded by fully automated liquid handling system and QR code tracking system; 3) High expression level up to 3.1 g/L for Fc related monoclonal antibody with patented AI-powered codon optimization; 4) Stringent QC and IP protection delivering high-quality antibody and ensuring your data security; 5) Hassle-free logistics and friendly policy supported by Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB).      

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