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Correlating Cryofixed Biological Samples in the Light- and Electron Microscope.

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The THUNDER Imager EM Cryo CLEM is a cryo light microscope featuring opto-digital THUNDER technology. It provides the imaging data and secure cryo conditions you need for successful experimental investigations concerning structural biology. Precisely identify cellular structures of interest thanks to high resolution, haze-free imaging with THUNDER technology, then transfer the specimen seamlessly to your EM.

Benefits include:

  • Fast, high-resolution imaging and elimination of out-of-focus blur with THUNDER technology
  • Precise, seamless transfer of image data to different EM solutions
  • Optimal cryo conditions maintained throughout the imaging workflow and sample transfer

THUNDER Imagers feature the innovative Leica technology Computational Clearing.

It efficiently removes out-of-focus blur in real time, enabling the meaningful use of 3D specimens with camera-based fluorescence microscopes. The high sensitivity of the system ensures low phototoxicity and photobleaching, i.e., higher throughput with optimal conditions.

Find the THUNDER Imager that’s right for you

The THUNDER Imager EM Cryo CLEM is part of the THUNDER family of imaging systems. Whether you are looking for a dedicated high-end imaging system that excels in a given application, or a versatile solution for a lab running different kinds of assays with various samples, we’ve got you covered.

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