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Revident quadrupole time-of-flight LC/MS (LC/Q-TOF)

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To stay competitive and adjust to changing industry requirements, you need evolved instrumentation with complete workflow solutions to meet current and future challenges. You must ensure that your lab can respond to emerging and unexpected contaminants with broader screening and retrospective analysis. The Agilent Revident LC/Q-TOF answers these challenges by maximizing time and productivity with sophisticated instrument inte…

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The Revident LC/Q-TOF embodies the next generation of quadrupole time-of-flight instruments featuring truly innovative (electronic) instrument architecture together with instrument intelligence, a novel, ultrafast detector, and an updated, robust calibrant delivery system. Excelling in routine screening, high resolution, accurate-mass quantitation, identification of unknowns, and high-throughput testing, the Revident Q-TOF LC/MS system is ideal for small molecule applications in food safety and environmental analysis, as well as metabolomics, pharmaceutical, and forensic analyses.

Innovative technologies that will increase productivity include Intelligent Reflex for maximized instrument uptime, scheduled tunes and calibration for optimal performance when you need it, and new acquisition software tailored to different user roles. All new features combined result in higher throughput, which increases the bottom-line financials for your lab.


  • High resolution (Hi-Res) mass spectrometry screening can be used to increase measurement capabilities dramatically for analyses of samples with large numbers of suspects, including retrospective analysis using full mass spectra information
  • Simultaneous routine screening and quantitation using data-independent acquisition modes enable sensitive detection and identification of contaminants that maintain performance at high acquisition rates
  • Optimal instrument performance via scheduled tunes and calibration, early maintenance feedback, and instrument diagnostics increases your lab productivity
  • Intelligent Reflex workflows include automatic reinjection for carryover, saturation, fast screening, suspect screening confirmation, and iterative MS/MS that allow the instrument to continuously acquire data while you focus on the results
  • New and intuitive mass spectrometry acquisition software is aligned with the LC/TQ UI, and it is simplified and tailored to different lab roles from technician to lab manager and auditor
  • Identification of unknowns is enhanced by a new software workflow for seamless batch processing and statistical analysis with subsequent identification of compounds derived from the significance analysis
  • Innovative modular design including readbacks represents highly sophisticated and complete instrument diagnostics, with all relevant information constantly monitored, allowing for fast and reliable detection of the individual component’s status
  • A completely new detector based on analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) generates mass peaks with high resolution and isotope fidelity, with the obtained peak symmetry maintaining high mass accuracy through different abundance levels
  • New delivery system for calibrant and reference masses is pump-based and flow-controlled, permitting constant and reliable flow rates

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