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iLite® Fc Effector Activity Bioassays

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The iLite Fc Effector Reporter Gene Bioassays Portfolio consists of a range of reporter gene cell lines and antigen-specific target cells that can be used in biologically relevant, MOA-reflective assays to measure the Fc effect of antibodies and other biologics that specifically bind and activates Fc receptors. They are based on a Luciferase reporter gene system and offer a convenient and powerful way of measuring the efficac…

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The iLite Fc Effector Activity Bioassays portfolio offers a full range of assay-ready reporter cell lines for the determination of antibody-receptor binding affinity as well as the mechanism of action regarding antibody-dependent, Fc-mediated immune effector function.

By combining cleverly engineered effector cells, that closely resemble the natural Fc signal transduction pathway, with homologous target cells with a controlled antigen expression (+) or depletion (-).

The iLite product portfolio is provided in an “assay-ready” format for a rapid and convenient workflow and a further reduction in assay variability, enabling their use in antibody screening, characterization, stability, and potency studies.

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