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GrowDex®-A 5 ml

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GrowDex®-A is a transparent hydrogel that consists of avidin conjugated nanofibrillar cellulose (1.0% w/v) and 99.0% purified water that is supplied sterile GrowDex-A is ready to use: first mix with the desired biotinylated molecule e.g. proteins, peptides, antibiotics and then add cells and culture media, no gelation or cross-linking step required. Ambient handling and shear thinning properties of GrowDex-A enable easy dispen…

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With GrowDex® hydrogels you can work through your entire HTS/HCS workflow form setting up your assays, screening your compounds, analysing your cells and moving to downstream processes, with high biological predictability and reproducibility, while saving time and costs. GrowDex®-A is a ready to use, transparent hydrogel that has been specifically developed to bind different biotinylated molecules, whose presence may enhance cell culture conditions for specific 3D applications. GrowDex-A consists of avidin conjugated nanofibrillar cellulose which can be customised by binding different biotinylated molecules e.g. proteins or peptides, to create a cell specific matrix.

  • Simple & Customisable - Our biocompatible hydrogels are made from just 2 components, nanofibrillar cellulose and purified water. They can be customised easily by simply adding components such as growth factors or proteins directly to the gel. Stiffness of the gel is achieved by dilution the your cell media.
  • Convenient & Easy to Use - All our hydrogels are provided ready to use in handy syringes for easy handling and dispensing and can be stored at ambient temperature. No cross-linking, gelation or sonication steps are required, just mix the hydrogel with your media and cells, dispense and incubate. Cells or organoids can be recovered using GrowDase in a one-step process without harm from mechanical damage.
  • Reliable & Reproducible - Our hydrogels are manufactured to the highest standards and their performance measured against strict quality control criteria, so you can be sure the performance will be the same regardless of the Lot ordered. The hydrogels are not autofluorescent so imaging with any microscope or high content imaging system is simple and the ambient handling of the hydrogels makes them ideal for high throughput assays.

Applications for GrowDex® Hydrogels:

  • 3D cell culture for spheroid, organoids and biopsy cultures
  • High-Throughput Screening
  • High-Content Screening
  • Transportation and storage of cells
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Cell therapy
  • Organ-on-a-chip models
  • Drug release studies
  • Bioprocessing

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