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GrowDase™ enzyme 2.5 ml

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GrowDase™ is a purified mixture of cellulase enzymes that has been specifically developed to breakdown the nanofibrillar cellulose. The process is simple, enzyme is mixed with the sample and incubated at 37°C until the GrowDex has been degraded. Enzymatic removal allows cells to be recovered from the matrix efficiently, retain their 3D structure, e.g. spheroid or organoid in-tact and does not exhibit any adverse effect on cel…

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GrowDase™ enzyme breaks down GrowDex® hydrogel to form a solution in an easy one step efficient cell recovery process. 3D cell structures such as spheroids, organoid or biopsies are retained with no impact on cell viability or functionality. Liberated cells can be used in gene or protein expression studies or for future experiments.

  • One step cell recovery - Recovering your cells or organoids post culture is a one step process. Add our GrowDase™ enzyme to your culture and incubate at 37°C. The enzyme digests the GrowDex leaving your cells in solution for re-plating or downstream processing.
  • Safe to your cells - GrowDase is an enzyme that specifically degrades cellulose fibers without affecting your cells, as animal cells do not contain any cellulose. The degraded products of GrowDex are nontoxic sugars. Your 3D cell structures will remain intact during the GrowDase recovery process.

Applications for GrowDase™ Enzymes:

  • Recovery of cells and cell derived products
  • DNA/RNA recovery
  • Sequencing
  • Flow cytometry
  • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)
  • Sub culturing
  • Imaging without a 3D cell culture matrix

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