Gene Expression and Molecular Cloning

Molecular cloning is a set of techniques that utilizes vectors to transfer recombinant DNA into host cells and is an essential tool for investigating the expression of genes and proteins in bacterial or mammalian cells. A variety of vectors optimized for gene cloning and expression in a range of host organisms are available, alongside competent cells for genetic replication. Here, you can explore a range of molecular tools, high-quality genomic and cDNA libraries, premade clones, transformation and transfection reagents and mutagenesis or gene expression detection assays and expression arrays. Find the best gene expression and molecular cloning products in our peer-reviewed product directory: compare products, check customer reviews and receive pricing direct from manufacturers.



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RNAscope™ Chromogenic Assays


Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Product Image

Clonal Genes


Twist Bioscience

Product Image

Cherry-pick custom libraries

Horizon Discovery

Product Image

Custom Cell Engineering by Cell Design Studio®


Product Image

Oligo Pools


Twist Bioscience

Product Image

RNAscope™ Multiplex Fluorescent Assays


Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Product Image

Sigma-Aldrich® CRISPR synthetic gRNAs


Product Image

Edit-R synthetic sgRNA libraries

Horizon Discovery

Product Image

Gene Fragments


Twist Bioscience

Product Image

RNAscope™ Automation Assays

Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Product Image

Sigma-Aldrich® Cas9 proteins


Product Image

BaseScope™ Assays

Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Product Image

Combinatorial Libraries

Twist Bioscience

Product Image

ClonExpress Ultra One Step Cloning Kit

Vazyme Biotech Co., Ltd

Product Image

StemElite™ Gene Expression System

Promega Corp.

Product Image



Biostatus Limited

Product Image

P-1000 Next Generation Micropipette Puller


Sutter Instrument Co.

Product Image

DeNovix dsDNA Fluorescence Quantification Assays



Product Image

Target Probes

Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Product Image

SARS-CoV-2 variant detection and identification


LGC Biosearch Technologies | See 4 Models

Product Image

NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly Cloning Kit


New England Biolabs Inc.

Product Image

Quick Ligation™ Kit


New England Biolabs Inc.

Product Image

ChIP-IT High Sensitivity® Kit


Active Motif

Product Image

TransIT-X2™ Dynamic Delivery System


Mirus Bio LLC

Product Image

Gibson Assembly® Master Mix


New England Biolabs Inc.