Flow Cytometry / Cell Counting

Flow cytometry is used for analysis and sorting of individual particles.  Flow cytometers can perform cell counting, cell population, size and characteristic analysis and cell sorting. Flow cytometers have fluidics, optics and electronic components. When choosing FACS machines consider flow rates, multicolor and multi sample analysis, resolution, speed, and sorting.



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Product Image

2100 Bioanalyzer add-on instrument


Agilent Technologies

Product Image

Flow Cytometry Set


Agilent Technologies

Product Image

SH800S Cell Sorter

Sony Biotechnology

Product Image

FX500 Exchangeable Fluidics Cell Sorter

Sony Biotechnology

Product Image

SA3800 Spectral Analyzer

Sony Biotechnology

Product Image

iQue Screener PLUS


Intellicyt Corp

Product Image

Luminex® 200™Multiplexing Instrument



Product Image

Corning® Cell Counter

Corning Life Sciences

Product Image

Livecyte® Cell Analysis System



Product Image

Product Image

Pickolo™ Colony-Picker


Product Image

Scepter™ 2.0: Automated Cell Counter



Product Image

Muse™ Cell Analyzer



Product Image

FlowCellect™ Rodent Neural Stem Cell Characterization Kit-Astrocyte Differentiation


Product Image

FlowCellect™ Chemokine Receptor CCR6 Surface Expression ID Kit


Product Image

FlowCellect™ Chemokine Receptor CCR1 Surface Expression ID Kit