Environmental Monitoring & Testing

Environmental monitoring and testing uses handheld portable analyzers, kits, spectrometers or chromatography systems for air, water, soil, food and other sample testing. Useful features of analyzers such as BOD and COD include portability, easy calibration, automation and sensitivity.  Environmental test kits for pH, water, moisture, etc, should be accurate, sensitive, reliable, fast and easy to use.



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Greenhouse Gases Analyzers


Agilent Technologies

Product Image

GC/MS/MS Pesticides Analyzer


Agilent Technologies

Product Image

Agilent Precision Gas Flow Meter

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

Agilent QQQ LC/MS Pesticide Application Kit

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

7667A Mini Thermal Desorber

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

Environmental Water Screening PCDL

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

Xevo TQ MS



Product Image

Waters PAH Columns - Improve Analysis of PAH Compounds


Product Image



Product Image

Product Image

Oil Content Analyzer OCMA-500/550


HORIBA Scientific

Product Image

Précis Certified Standards

HORIBA Scientific

Product Image

multi N/C® 3100 TOC analyzer


Analytik Jena AG

Product Image

Product Image

multi N/C® 2100 TOC analyzer


Analytik Jena AG

Product Image

C, S and Cl Solid Analysis with multi EA® 4000

Analytik Jena AG

Product Image

multi N/C® UV HS TOC Analyzer

Analytik Jena AG

Product Image

multi N/C® pharma TOC Analyzer

Analytik Jena AG

Product Image


Analytik Jena AG

Product Image

LC Multi-Residue Pesticide Kit


Restek Corp.

Product Image

Fuel Oil Degradation Mix

Restek Corp.