Editorial Article: What's New from Waters

Discover the innovate technologies showcased at the Waters booth at Pittcon 2015

12 May 2015


At the recent Pittcon 2015 event in New Orleans, USA, SelectScience interviewed a series of scientists at the Waters booth. In this exclusive video report, discover the very latest technology innovations and laboratory solutions Waters have to offer.

1. Waters' ACQUITY QDa Provides Complete Solution for N-Glycan Analysis
Watch this video to hear Rohit Khanna, VP of Marketing at Waters Corporation, describe the demand for complete innovative solutions that maximize efficiency, technology and software capabilities.

2. Reimagine N-Glycan Analysis: GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS N-Glycan Kit
Learn how to do complete sample preparation for released N-Glycans in just 30 minutes with three simple steps.

3. Method Transfer Made Easy: Acquity UPLC System
Watch this video to learn how to easily transfer methods from existing instrumentation to the Waters ACQUITY and Alliance systems. 

4. Discover the Benefits of Atmospheric Pressure Gas Chromatography
Watch this video to learn about the benefits of atmospheric pressure gas chromatography as an alternative to traditional analytical techniques. 

5. The Benefits of Automated Preparation of Mobile Phases using Auto Blend Plus
Watch this video to learn about the automating optimization of mobile phase pH for LC-UV-MS analytical methods. 

6. Waters NuGenesis Lab Management System
Watch this video to learn how to achieve LIMS capabilities without the complexities using NuGenesis LMS.

7. Improve Method Development with the Acquity H-Class System and Empower 3 Software
Watch this video to learn how to improve method development using the Acquity H-Class system with Empower 3 chromatography data software. 

8. Discover Waters Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging System
Watch this video to learn about Waters Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging System, which is the first to combine complementary MALDI, DESI and IMS capabilities.

9. Torus and Trefoil Column Technology for Achiral and Chiral Separations
Watch this video to learn about fast, efficient method development using Torus and Trefoil column technology.

10. Increase Selectivity Resolving Power and Shorten Workflows Using UPC2
Watch this video to lean about a comprehensive investigation of the utilization of SFC/ESI positive mode MS for chiral and achiral bioanalytical studies.