Cell / Tissue Culture

Cell culture or tissue culture is used to study the biology of cells or tissues and to isolate cellular products in an environment which can be manipulated and well defined. Accurately control your culture environment with bioreactors or culture incubators, bind your cells to a surface or together with an extracellular matrix. Distinguish cell types with differential media or proliferate cells with certain characteristics using selective media. Enrich your media with supplements such as growth factors, sera and vitamins. Find the best cell and tissue culture products, kits and equipment in our peer-reviewed product directory: compare products, check customer reviews and receive pricing direct from manufacturers.



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Hygromycin B

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

TurboAmp Antibiotic

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

G418 Sulfate

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

Microarray Wash Buffer Additive

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

X-gal, Galactopyranoside

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

N-2 Supplement (100X)

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

Ampicillin Tablets

Agilent Technologies

Product Image


Agilent Technologies

Product Image

MEDIAJET - Petri Dish Filler


INTEGRA Biosciences

Product Image

VACUSAFE - Vacuum Aspiration System


INTEGRA Biosciences

Product Image

Product Image

Product Image


Sartorius Group

Product Image

AutoScratch™ Wound Making Tool

BioTek Instruments, Inc.

Product Image

Product Image

Product Image

Combi Racks



Product Image

StarRack Multi


Product Image

Coloured Polycarbonate Cryogenic Storage Boxes


Product Image

Cryogenic Vials (Sterile)


Product Image

Product Image

Collagen I, High Concentration, Rat Tail, 100mg

Corning Life Sciences

Product Image

Elplasia Plates

Corning Life Sciences

Product Image

Corning Matrigel Matrix for Organoids

Corning Life Sciences

Product Image