A new paradigm in light scattering technology
24 October 2023

In this product brochure, Tosoh Bioscience showcases its comprehensive suite of instruments, columns, and software tailored for the thorough characterization of biopharmaceutical macromolecules, sustainable polymers, and common engineering plastics. The TSKgel® GPC/SEC columns have been designed to offer high resolution, excellent reproducibility, and long column life, catering to a wide range of GPC/SEC applications. The LenS3 multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detectors provide a method for measuring molecular weight and size distributions of various biomolecules and polymers, powered by user-friendly SECview software. Additionally, the EcoSECGPC systems offer fully automated solutions for gel permeation chromatography, ensuring robust polymer analysis with the highest reproducibility, incorporating advanced features like dual pump solvent systems and efficient refractometry detection.