Top List: 7 innovations in gene editing technology

Discover the latest webinars, methods and products in gene editing technology

16 Jan 2024

Discover the latest webinars, methods and products for your gene editing research

In this top list, curated by our expert editors, discover how to overcome challenges in your gene editing workflow, learn how a company is harnessing the latest CRISPR technologies to push the frontiers of genome editing and watch our exclusive on-demand webinar with gene editing experts from Abcam.

1. Key considerations in genome editing

Explore the innovative suite of CRISPR-based editing tools from Thermo Fisher Scientific, how those tools can support both basic and applied research applications, and how these tools can be used to improve fidelity and efficiency along every stage of a gene editing workflow – from guide RNA (gRNA) design to cell transfection and characterization of successful edits.

2. Expanding the CRISPR toolbox for precision genome engineering and screening

Discover how Merck KGaA/MilliporeSigma is harnessing the latest CRISPR technologies to push the frontiers of genome editing. Aiming to design precision CRISPR tools for the development of therapeutics and the design of novel disease models.

3. Benchtop platform for digital genome engineering

Introducing the Onyx Digital Genome Engineering platform, the world's first benchtop platform for scalable digital genome engineering. Learn more about the technology being used in this video. 

4. Overcoming the challenges in you gene editing workflow

Gene editing has seen great progress in recent years, with improved efficiency and understanding. But there are still many challenges for the development of new gene editing techniques at all stages. Learn about advances in gene editing, the barriers that exist for developers, and how Thermo Fisher Scientific can support you workflow.

5. Increasing CRISPR editing efficiency with novel guide methods

Explore the challenges underlying effective gRNA design and the relevant tools needed to assist with this process, as well as a dual-guide method which can achieve close to 100%  knock-out efficiency. Watch this fascinating webinar with industry experts on-demand today.

6. Collaboration and CRISPR tools move scientists closer to a cure for sight loss

See how researchers are uncovering the mechanisms of retinal degeneration and identifying new targets for therapeutic intervention using CRISPR-engineering of isogenic organoids.

7. Advantages of Horizon's CRISPR-Cas 9 Tools for Gene Editing

CRISPR Screening Services Horizon offers comprehensive CRISPR screening services from screen design and cell line selection to sophisticated bioinformatics analysis of the screen results. Watch how this video covers some of the advantages of using Horizon's CRISPR-Cas9 tools for gene editing.

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