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Custom oligos

LGC Biosearch Technologies

Custom design your oligonucleotide according to your specifications. Our probes and primers are manufactured at unmatched quality under ISO 9001 and 13485 compliance. Whether you need RUO or GMP grade oligos, choose from a vast selection of modifications to customize your oligos for your application.

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Infinite M Nano+


The Infinite M Nano+ is a dual-mode microplate reader with monochromator-based optics for absorbance and sensitive top and bottom reading fluorescence applications. Your adjustable tool, even for low concentration nucleic acid and protein quantification assays. The Infinite M Nano+ is one of six new tailored reader configurations based on the acclaimed Infinite 200 PRO. This upgradeable reader is designed to simplify your t…

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Mycoplasma Plus PCR Primer Set, 50 rxn

Agilent Technologies

Our Mycoplasma Plus PCR Primer Set detects infection by all forms of Mycoplasma with a robust single-band PCR product (triplet for Acholeplasma). This kit also includes controls to verify PCR amplification and Mycoplasma genomic DNA. The primer design permits higher annealing temperatures, reducing spurious bands from PCR contaminants.

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