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Evosep One


Clinical Proteomics must be Sensitive, Fast, and Robust, which Evosep One achieves with perfection  

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VLifeMDS Molecular Design Suite

VLife Sciences Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

VLifeMDS (Molecular Design Suite), is a computational chemist’s workbench for computer aided drug design (CADD) and molecule discovery. MDS comes with seamless integration to GQSAR, (Group based QSAR) and SCOPE. VLifeMDS facilitates comprehensive in-silico approach to design. It is able to visualize, predict and analyze small molecules and proteins while studying interactions. VLifeMDS extensively deals with:• Protein structur…

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CLC DNA Workbench Software

CLC bio

The New Standard for Desktop-Based Bioinformatics Tools CLC DNA Workbench provides a software environment which enables users to perform advanced DNA sequence analyses such as assembly of DNA sequence data, graphically and algorithmically advanced primer design, while offering user-friendly molecular cloning tools. CLC DNA Workbench is a bioinformatics software package containing a range of specialized DNA analyses and bioinfo…

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ActivityBase Suite


IDBS ActivityBase  - Capture, store, secure, analyze and share discovery data The IDBS ActivityBase suite provides efficient and effective drug discovery data management, enabling scientists to work more productively and saving life sciences organizations time and money. From high volume, routine screening through to low throughput data management, ActivityBase provides a secure, consistent and accessible environment for a dru…

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A high-performance program for ligand-based drug design Phase is a complete package of pharmacophore modeling tools that offers scientists an unparalleled level of control at each step. Fast, accurate, and highly configurable, Phase is a powerful tool for hit generation and lead hopping. Expert levels of control: Phase distinguishes itself from "black box" software by allowing users to exercise precise control over job sett…

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ActivityBase XE


IDBS ActivityBase XE - Superior template design flexibility offers a revolutionary solution for enhancing high throughput screening data management ActivityBase XE delivers ultra high performance screening and flexible data visualization in one single working environment. Easy to use, flexible and intuitive The XE module for IDBS ActivityBase streamlines workflow and optimizes productivity. as well as support for traditional h…

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