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MP-285 Motorized Micromanipulator

Sutter Instrument Co.

The flagship in our line of precision micromanipulators, the motorized MP-285 is affordable yet offers advanced features found in manipulators costing thousands more. Custom engineered stepping motors, precision cross-roller bearing slides and proprietary worm gear capstan drives form the basis of the watch-like mechanical system. The controller provides power to the stage motors with a quiet linear power supply to minimize el…

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FlowCam 5000

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc

Experience rapid high-resolution imaging, data acquisition, and analysis of microparticles. FlowCam ® 5000 flow imaging instrument is an economical, high-value solution for monitoring particles in the 3 μm to 300 μm size range for research, educational, and industrial applications.

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FlowCam Cyano

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc

FlowCam Cyano provides an innovative solution for freshwater research and monitoring of drinking water reservoirs and recreational water bodies. A high-throughput, automated alternative to manual microscopy, FlowCam Cyano automatically differentiates between fluorescence-emitting Cyanobacteria and other algae while enabling the early detection of harmful algal blooms.

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Solentim Cell Metric®

Advanced Instruments

Cell Metric® is a high contrast imager designed for single-cell imaging, identification, and clonal outgrowth characterization.  Cell Metric provides an unambiguous, timeline of a single cell’s journey through to outgrowth. Specialized, high-quality images enable the user to observe and clearly annotate clones. Cell Metric is the recognized standard in the provision of quality evidence of clonality. 

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