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Via2-Cassette™ cell counting device


The Via2-Cassette™ is our unique cell sampling device, eliminating human error by combining cell sampling, staining and loading into a single press on a piston. Individually volume-calibrated, it guarantees the highest precision in cell counting. The Via2-Cassette™ is a disposable plastic unit containing the fluorescent dyes used for analysis to ensure user safety and operational ease. The pre-loaded and immobilized acridin…

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NucleoCounter® Family of Cell Counters and Analyzers


NucleoCounter® instruments provide platforms for determination of viability and cell count as well as advanced image analysis of yeast, veterinary semen, insect cells and mammalian cells, both primary cells and cell cultures, including cells in aggregate or microcarrier cultures. These high precision instruments have become the golden standard in cell therapy and bioprocessing labs due to their precision and low variability…

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NucleoCounter® NC-3000™ advanced cell analyzer


The NucleoCounter® NC-3000™ is an advanced image cytometer utilizing fluorescence imaging to characterize cell properties. The NC-3000™ can perform high-speed cell count and viability analyses and it includes plug-and-play analytical assays of mammalian, yeast and insect cells. Pre-defined assays include a unique 5-minute cell cycle assay, a selection of apoptosis assays and a GFP transfection efficiency assay. With the FlexiC…

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RISE Microscopy - Correlative Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron Microscopy (Raman-SEM)

Oxford Instruments WITec

RISE Microscopy is a novel correlative microscopy technique that combines SEM and confocal Raman Imaging and links ultra-structural surface properties to molecular compound information. RISE Microscopy combines an SEM and a confocal Raman microscope. The confocal Raman microscope is integrated into the vacuum chamber of the electron microscope. Non-destructive Raman and SEM measurements are consecutively performed at two diff…

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