Manufacturer CYTENA  |   Model: single-cell cloning,
The ultimate upgrade in cell line development.

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The UP.SIGHT™ streamlines cell line development (CLD) workflows by automating labor-intensive and time-consuming steps. We have combined our patented, highly efficient, fast and gentle single-cell dispensing technology with a superfast, high-quality imaging system that provides a full well image without image stitching. The UP.SIGHT offers two independent methods of assuring monoclonality: first, images are taken at the dispensing nozzle to ensure only one cell is placed in each well and nonclonal droplets are discarded; second, the single cells are confirmed once more with 3D Full Well Imaging, a new and innovative method that images the full volume of each well from the point of dispensing using the integrated imager, leading to a probability of clonality >99.99%.

Key features and benefits:

  • Double assured clonality
  • Minimal cell loss
  • Small footprint and benchtop

Relevant applications:

  • Cell line development
  • Single-cell cloning
  • Monoclonal antibody development